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Romantik Hotel Turm

Vols am Schlern, Northern Italy
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Project Timeline

2000-2006: From Concept to Realization
In a six-year period, the project underwent a multi-phase evolution encompassing extension and re-design, culminating in a landmark structure.

Architectural & Design Highlights

  • Historical Village Integration: The hotel harmonizes with the protected architecture of the historic Turm building.
  • Multi-Functional Tower: Over the years, the main tower has served as a fortified tower, court, jail, and restaurant, becoming a symbol of the village.
  • Visual Imprint: The hotel is designed to be a focal point of the village, discernible even from a distance.

Tourism Concept

  • Medical SPA & Wellness: The hotel specializes in high-end medical SPA and wellness services.
  • Suites: The hotel boasts about 60 luxurious suites tailored for utmost comfort and wellness.
  • Year-round Availability: Open 365 days, offering comprehensive services throughout the year.


  • Efficient Layout: All common spaces are intricately connected to the rooms and the main building. The exception is a private lodge situated in the wine yard, offering an exclusive experience.