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Rosengarten, Dolomites, Italy
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Project Timeline

2007-2023: From Concept to Realization
Spanning over 16 years, this comprehensive project went through multiple development phases to achieve a harmonious blend of design and natural beauty.

Architectural & Design Highlights

  • UNESCO Protected Area: Situated in a region with UNESCO protection, emphasizing responsible and sustainable architecture.
  • Mountain Wood Building: Crafted from locally sourced wood, in line with the surrounding mountainous terrain.
  • Indoor Climbing Tower: A unique feature inside the main house, perfect for climbing enthusiasts.
  • Sustainable Roofing: Equipped with a photovoltaic roof to align with sustainability goals.
  • Exceptional Views: Panoramic views of the nearby Rosengarten mountain serve as a natural backdrop.
  • Material Fusion: A thoughtful combination of local stone and natural wood.
  • Unique Saunas: One sauna hut made of tree trunks and another made entirely of glass, both offering unparalleled mountain views.

Tourism Concept

  • Target Demographic: Aimed at sports enthusiasts including climbers and skiers, as well as wellness seekers.
  • Room Availability: Around 100 rooms designed to cater to diverse guest needs.
  • Year-Round Operation: Open 365 days to offer a comprehensive, year-round resort experience.


  • Focused Common Spaces: All common areas are situated within the main building for easy accessibility. The exception is the standalone saunas, designed for a more secluded experience.