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Post Alpina Hotel

Innichen, Dolomites, Italy
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Project Timeline

2003-2008: From Concept to Realization
Over a 5-year timeframe, this project evolved through various design and extension phases to cultivate a cozy, family-oriented mountain retreat.

Architectural & Design Highlights

  • Mountain Village Setting: Nestled within nature, honoring traditional building culture with wood shingles roofs.
  • Multiple Lodges: The main lodge serves as a hub surrounded by big lodges that house common spaces and pools.
  • Local Materials: A rich blend of local wood and stone imbues the construction with authenticity and sustainability.
  • Family Atmosphere: Designed to foster a cozy, familial environment that resonates with guests.

Tourism Concept

  • Target Audience: Perfect for families seeking a mix of outdoor adventure and wellness amenities.
  • Room and Chalet Options: Approximately 100 rooms and chalets tailored for various needs and preferences.
  • Open All Year: Catering to guests in all seasons, offering a range of year-round activities and amenities.


  • Efficient Layout: All common spaces are centralized in the main building, while rooms and chalets are directly connected to these areas via an underground corridor for seamless access.