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Golf & SPA Resorts Andreus

Passiria, Northern Italy
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Project Timeline

2000-2014: From Concept to Realization
Over a 14-year span, this project saw a multi-faceted development process, culminating in an architectural and design haven.

Architectural & Design Highlights

  • Mountain Village Setting: Enveloped by natural beauty and enhanced by an adjacent golf course in the mountains.
  • Local Materials: Utilizing local wood and stone to create an authentic and sustainable construction.

Tourism Concept

  • Target Audience: Specifically catered to golf enthusiasts and wellness seekers.
  • Room Availability: Boasts around 100 rooms, each designed with a balance of luxury and comfort.
  • Year-Round Operations: Open 365 days to cater to guests irrespective of seasons.


  • Centralized Common Spaces: All common areas are strategically located in the main building, facilitating easy access to rooms.
  • Golf House Connection: A dedicated pathway links the main building to the Golf House, enabling seamless movement for guests.